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Pullip Feedback

tell us what you really think.....

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This community was designed for everyone who has had a good or bad experience buying Pullips, pullip clothes etc to leave feedback or the details of their sale.
To View Pullip Feedback

Please click on MEMORIES. Feedback will be categorised into shop/ebay/LJ feedback.

To Leave Pullip Feedback

Please note whether you purchased from an online store, an ebayseller or a LJ user.
Please provide links or name the user or ebay seller.
Please give a rating out of 5 stars 1 being poor, 5 being awesome

Just A Few Rules

No posting of ebay auctions or advertising things for sale or things to swap/trade at all. This is a feedback community only.

No posting discussions of new pullips, clothes or to post pictures of your pullips.
Head over to pullips for that.

This is meant to be a useful resource for Pullip collectors to help guide them & to have safe and happy sales. If you have any questions or problems we can be contacted at pullipfeedback@gmail.com

This community is maintained by dollface and cinderapple.

Pullips are Love!

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